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Whether you're an owners corporation, real estate agency, cleaning company or your business just needs to organise window washing for a client. Please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to organise a time for our fully insured employees to get the job done.

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Ensuring all occupiers receive 

Wishy Window Washing perfection

Communication: Wishy work with you throughout the whole process. From discussing what will be required. To updating you on our window washing progress. Finally we follow up with you to make sure the wash has been perfected. If there are any issues we will be happy to correct these free of charge. 

Professional: All our new staff are required to work along side a fully trained employee for their first year of window washing ensuring a high level of quality. Wishy employees are friendly with all our clients and try to keep them smiling whenever we can.

Affordable: Wishy understand that nobody wants to be paying an arm and a leg to have their windows washed. We try to keep our prices reasonable so our clients can enjoy clean windows with all their arms and legs attached.

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Wishy provide you with an on sight quote to confirm the price of the job.


Wishy will email you a copy of the quote detailing the cost and our availability.


Wishy schedule a day to complete the window wash within your set timeframe. 

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