What is the Wishy booking process?

First, we provide you with an on sight quote to confirm the price of the job.

Second, we email you a copy of the quote detailing the cost. 

Finally, we schedule a day to complete the window wash within your set timeframe. 


How do Wishy clean the windows?

Wishy Window Washing like to keep it traditional when we clean windows. We simply use a squeegee, a window mop, a bucket, some rags, a pole, a ladder and a little bit of environmentally friendly detergent mixed with water. Our process is so smooth you'll be left with streak free, super fresh windows. However, for those pesky hard to reach windows we have a fancy four story filtered water fed pole system to scrub down the windows and leave them with a spotless clean.


How do I pay?

You can pay using cash or bank transfer. Which ever way you choose you will be sent an itemised invoice via email upon completion of the job.